Book our professional broadcasting team and leave nothing to chance.

Create videos that provide comprehensive insight into your products and quickly explain function and production in detail and benefit from higher rankings in Search Engines Results Pages (SERPS) while increasing turnover. Investing in a product film will pay for itself within a very short time.

Create your personal video according to your ideas.


  • Your Story
  • Your Video
  • Your Music
  • Your Personality


With an individual image film you can present your business easier and faster than with any other medium. We like the personal contact with the customer in order to understand and meet their needs. Therefore, during a personal conversation we develop a tailored strategy for your moving image. Benefit from our years of experience in the dramaturgical sound design and our expertise in the creation of intro and outro animations.


With moving images products can be presented more clearly and concisely than with photos or detailed text descriptions by themselves. Use the power of video to enhance product recognition while adding marketing value to your brand.

Tutorial Films

Make use of the increased learning effect and the impressive overall presentation with moving image tutorials and explain complex topics while providing your audience with a quick introduction and overview of a product, service or tool. A tutorial can help you quickly and sustainably train your employees with effective and simple explanation clips. 

Exhibition Film

Assure a stop at your booth with a meaningful exhibition film. Flimme TV can polish your trade show video presentation with a true eye-catcher,  In addition, we can create an appealing exhibition movie documenting your exhibitor presence with a visually compelling exhibit short film that is ready for your communication outlets. 

training film

Train your employees quickly and sustainably. From simple documents such as PDF or animated graphics and film. Depending on the training and learning goal, we use the combination of tools to create specialized learning formats for your team.

Audio | Postproduction

At Flimme TV we have the expertise to compose and produce a complete audio production, from concept and development to original sound composition as well as scoring and final mixing allowing a smooth and effective audio production chain for your product or brand.